The next Mercedes C-Class will be launched in 2020

The next generation Mercedes C-Class
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Auto motor und sport magazine, the bible of car magazines, has published a lot of technical details about the future generation of the Mercedes C-Class (code name W206) which will be launch in 2020: a new platform, a lot of new technology but an evolutionary design.

The future Mercedes C-Class code name W206 will keep the same footprint but the platform will be changed to MRA2 (second generation of the Mercedes Rearwheel Architecture), which represents a further development of the current rear drive architecture, used also for the E Class. The MRA2 is slightly lighter and share some components with the EVA (Electric Vehicle Architecture) used for the future generation of Mercedes EQ models.

The new C-Class is powered by the well-known four-cylinder engines, including the new 2 liter clean diesel OM 654 launched last year on the E-Class. A completely new generation of six-cylinder engines diesel and petrol will be available. The 6 inline 3 liter diesel was already presented last month on the S-Class facelift and will deliver 286 HP (one turbo) and 340 HP (two turbo) while the 6 inline 3 liter petrol will deliver more than 400 HP.

The future C-Class will also get a Plug-In Hybrid version like the current generation which will combine a four cylinder petrol engine with an electric engine. But the electric range will increase dramatically to at least 100 km, as a internal source confirmed to auto motor und sport magazine.

The future C-Class will get also the 48V network like the S-Class, a solution which offers a lot of advantages. A such powerful electric network can supply energy for the clima compressor or for an electric turbocharger and thus, will reduce fuel consumption.

As a trendsetter in lighting technology, Mercedes will drop out the xenon solution in favour of LED systems according to auto motor und sport magazine informations. The main beam of the C-Class should be up to 600 meters wide without laser technology. The conventional headlamps will remain in the base offer and then will follow the LED option.

The next C-Class will get an evolution of the assistance systems already available in the new S-Class. The C-Class owner will be able to drive his car into the garage by smartphone. For the first time, using the very exact digital maps supplied by Here company, which is purchased together with Audi and BMW, can be used for speed control. In addition, an online connection (three years free) including WLAN hotspot will be available.

If the exterior design maintain the lines of the current generation, there will be a revolution in the cockpit. An insider from Mercedes declared to auto motor und sport: “For the E-Class, we had designed an operating system in which the controller was replaced by a touchscreen. But the customers were not yet ready for this new system.

But the next C-Class will get the new system very similar to what Audi has developed for the new Audi A8. If someone reaches one of the virtual buttons with the hand, they are displayed enlarged. The informations will be displayed on a 30 cm wide, flat display, which allows three-dimensional map displays of navigation. Apart from the touch display in the center console, Mercedes does not want to use also the gesture control. Also, the upper large display from the dashboard will not be tactile. “Too many operating options are confusing the customer,” says Mercedes.

More new models could join the future C-Class family. In discussion are the C-Class All Terrain based on T-Modell and also CLC, a four door coupe which will compete up against BMW 4 Serie Coupe and Audi A5 Sportback. The full article from auto motor und sport in german language can be found here.

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  • Nate says:

    The w205 already comes with LED headlights. The current Mercedes LED Inteligent Lighting System is LED not Xenon. Who in their right mind wrote this article?