The new Mercedes Plug-In Hybrid offensive

Mercedes C 300 de, E 300 de, E 300 e, S 560 e
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Mercedes has launched four new Mercedes Plug-In Hybrid models in an effort to reduce emissions: E 300 e, E 300 de, C 300 de and S 560 e. C 300 de and E 300 de are available as a T-Model also.

Mercedes was one of the first premium carmakers to launch Plug-In Hybrid models. The first one, S 500 Plug-In Hybrid named S 500 e later was launched already at the end of 2014 followed by other models – C 350 e, E 350 e, GLC 350 e and GLE 500 e.

After introducing the WLTP norm, Mercedes renewed its Plug-In Hybrid range with four new models. It is not the first time in the car industry (Audi Q7 Plug-In Hybrid combine a V6 turbodiesel with an electric engine) but is the first time in the middle size sedan class when a Plug-In Hybrid combine a diesel engine with an electric one.

Mercedes C 300 de 

The new C 300 de is the first Plug-In Hybrid sedan diesel which combine the new 2 liter OM 654 aluminium block engine with 194 HP with a 122 HP electric engine.
Both engines send up to 306 hp and 700 Nm to the rear wheels. Four driving modes are available as in other Mercedes Plug-In Hybrid models: Hybrid, Electric, E-Save and E-Charge. In Electric mode, the top speed is limited to 130 km/h, while E-Save preserve the energy for a later use of electric engine.
The battery has a capacity of 13.5 kWh from which 9.4 kWh are usable for an electric range of 56 km in ideal conditions.
The new Plug-In Hybrid system is available both in the sedan and in T-Model.

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Mercedes Plug-In Hybrid 2018

Mercedes E 300 de and Mercedes E 300 e

The new Mercedes E 300 de receive the same Plug-In Hybrid system from the C 300 de which combine the new 2 liter 194 HP OM 654 aluminium block engine with a 122 HP electric engine.
The battery has also the same capacity of 13.5 kWh like in case of C 300 de.

For the E-Class a new Plug-In Hybrid with a petrol engine will be available. The new E 300 e combine the same 2 liter turbo engine 211 HP with a more powerful electric engine of 122 HP instead of 88 HP before. In this way the total output is 320 HP instead of 286 HP before while the maximum torque reach the same level of 700 Nm (550 Nm before) like in case of the new Mercedes E 300 de.

As in case of the Mercedes E 300 de, the E 300 e will benefit of a much bigger battery of 13.5 kWh instead of a 6.4 kWh at the former E 350 e.
Because ot the new technologies, the new battery has the same dimensions like the old one but the capacity is more than double. Anyway, the trunk of the E 300 de and E 300 e is 170 liters smaller than the conventional version and offer 370 liters.

Mercedes E 300 e

Mercedes S 560 e

The propulsion system in the new S 560 e use almost the same components like in the former S 500 e: a 3.0 liter V6 bi-turbo engine ready for 367 HP (333 HP at the previous version) and an electric engine with 122 HP for a total power of 476 HP (442 HP at the former S 500 e).

Mercedes promise a 50 km electric engine due to a new battery. The new battery has the same dimensions like before but using a curent of 37 Ah instead of 22 Ah it offers 13.5 kWh instead of 8.7 kWh at the former model.

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new Mercedes-Benz S 560 e

And stay closer to our blog as we will reveal in the next days the first driving impressions about the new C 300 de and S 560 e.