The new Mercedes G-Class W464 for military use

The G-Class for proffessionals
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Mercedes presented quite discreetly the new Mercedes G-Class W464 for military and emergency service use.


The new Mercedes G-Class W464 is the successor to the W461 built in 1992 for Australia and various armies around the world since 1992 and differs significantly from the civilian version W463 which is sold in the G 350 d, G 400 d, G 500 and AMG G 63 versions.

The engine is similar to that of the civilian version G 350 d being the same engine with 6 cylinders in line of 2.9 liters but unlike the civilian version in which it develops 286 HP and 600 Nm, in the military version it has only 245 HP but the same torque of 600 Nm.

Compared to the old generation W461, which had a 3-liter V6 turbodiesel engine with 184 HP and 400 Nm, the new model has 35% more power and 50% more torque. And instead of the old 5-speed automatic transmission we find now the modern 9-speed automatic transmission.

However, the engine has been modified to meet Euro 3 standards that allow it to run on poor diesel fuel that has 500 ppm of sulphur as found in many African and Asian countries. For comparison, diesel sold in Europe has only a maximum of 10 ppm sulphur.

But the big difference is the suspension. While the civilian model has an independent front suspension and numerous comfort elements and assistance systems, the military version W464 has rigid front and rear axles, a more rustic interior and a heavy-duty chassis. The Mercedes W464 is also available in five-door and two-door cab-chassis versions.

The new Mercedes W464 can be ordered with a tank of 80 or 96 liters, has a 24V electrical system, can tow a load of 3.5 tons and the payload is 1 ton for the 5-door version and 2.5 tons for the two-door cab-chassis.

The off-road skills are similar to those of the civilian version: the ground clearance of 221 mm, the five-door versions (wheelbase 2850 mm) climb on inclined slopes of 45 degrees, while the approach angle, departure angle and ramp angle have the values ​​of 35 , 36 (30 at the former W461) and 22 degrees respectively. The W464 can also pass through 660 mm (600 mm forward) waterways.

Unofficial information announces that the G 350 d can operate in a temperature range from -35 degrees to +50 degrees and at an altitude of up to 4000 meters.

The new Mercedes G-Class W464 will be available from mid-2022. The presentation of the G-Class W464 comes just weeks after the introduction of the Proffessional Line package for the G 400 d which includes, among other things, unique 18-inch wheels and a roof rack.