The new Mercedes EQS will be able to charge without authentification

Automatic charging process for the new Mercedes EQS
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The new Mercedes EQS will be able to charge without authentication to 500,000 stations worldwide using the Plug & Charge function in the Mercedes me application.

Plug & Charge function will offer integrated payment function with automatic payment. The owner of the car chooses only once the preferred method of payment. Then each power supply is automatically debited regardless of the country where it is located. All charging operations are then listed in a monthly invoice.

Information about the compatibility of the stations with the Plug & Charge function is available in the car’s navigation system and in the Mercedes me application. It will also be possible to search for specific charging stations. At the beginning, information about IONITY stations in Europe and other stations in the USA will be available.

The Mercedes EQS will lunch this upcoming summer

Mercedes Me charge currently includes 500,000 charging stations, of which over 200,000 in Europe. The 200,000 stations from over 400 different providers operate across the territory of Europe. In Japan, EQS will allow bidirectional charging according to the CHAdeMO standard. This allows applications such as Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Vehicle to Home (V2H).

Mercedes confirms once again that the Mercedes EQS will launch in August and that the other three models based on the new EVA architecture – EQE, EQE SUV and EQS SUV will debut immediately after the launch of EQS.