The new Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster – Official data and information

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The new Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster is here, so the summer cannot be far behind. The model is a super limited edition. Only 750 such units will be made.

Racetrack? Winding roads? Famous boulevards? Mediterranean coastal roads? Yeah, this is what it was made for! The new Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster is set in motion by a V8 biturbo engine with 585 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque. Its lightweight construction provides it with unparalelled handling characteristics, while the triple-layer fabric soft top integrating aluminum, magnesium and steel provides it with a quiet ambience onboard.

The roadster runs from standstill to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds on its way to a top speed of 317 km/h.

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With an AMG radiator grille, flanked by standard-fit LED High Performance headlamps, the car seems to sit lower and embrace the road. Additional Air Curtains on the outside of the front apron calm the airflow, improving the aerodynamic figures of the open-top two-seater.

The underbody integrates an speed-sensitive active light carbon-fiber element, concealed almost invisible and weighing around two kilograms. With significant advantages in the steering especially during fast cornering, the mechanism automatically extends around 40 millimeters downwards, depending on the drive program, in order to change the airflow and produce the Venturi effect, additionally “sucking” the car onto the road.

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When the electrically operated profile is extended, the radiator air outlet opens at the front end and guides the air flow towards the double rear diffuser for improved stability.

The AIRPANEL, an active air regulation system, is also offered as standard equipment. The vertical louvres at the bottom of the front apron open and close electronically via an electric motor in around one second to provide the necessary cooling.

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The super-light carbon wings bring extra 46 millimeters to the width of the car at the front, compared with the AMG GT and the AMG GT S Roadster, thus making room for enlarged track and larger wheel/tyre combos.

From the side, the standard AMG Performance forged wheels in matt black, with yellow-painted calipers, catch the eyes. The aluminium sidewalls make the AMG GT R Roadster 57 millimeters wider at the rear than the AMG GT and AMG GT S Roadster.

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The roadster is now available in a total of 14 paint choices, with the designo graphite grey magno matt paint added to the range. For further customizing, optional AMG Carbon-Fibre Package I brings the front splitter, the fins in the wings, the inserts in the side skirts as well as the rear diffuser in a high-quality carbon-fibre look. The AMG Carbon-Fibre Package II with the rear aerofoil blade, the rear aerofoil end plates and the outside mirror housing in carbon fibre completes the sporty appearance.

The cockpit of the new Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster lets the driver sink into it, giving him the sensation that everything is custom-fit. The centre console bears the inscription “1 of 750”, emphasizing the roadster’s limited number of units.

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Standard specification brings on board AMG Performance seats in black/black Exclusive STYLE nappa leather offer strong lateral support with their more deeply contoured side bolsters on the sitting surface and seat backrest.

The future roadster driver can opt for the AIRSCARF system, that allows driving with the top down even in winter temperatures. The seat climate control provides the adjustment of climatization in three different stages.

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The model gets the 12.3-inch instrument cluster with the three styles display (Classic, Sporty and Supersport) and the 10.25-inch infotainment display in the center console.

The new AMG Performance steering wheel has been fitted, completely covered in DINAMICA microfiber, featuring galvanised gearshift paddles for manual gear shifting. The integrated Touch Control buttons can control the functions of the digital dash and the multimedia display by means of horizontal and vertical finger swiping.

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New additions are the round controller with an integrated display and the two vertically positioned coloured display buttons with switches. The AMG drive programs as well as the AMG TRACTION CONTROL can be engaged via the right-hand controller. The LCD display shows the selected setting.

The sporty atmosphere onboard is confirmed by the sporty soundtrack provided by the exhaust system with two infinitely variable exhaust flaps as standard. The exhaust flaps open and close depending on the selected AMG DRIVE SELECT mode, but they can also be controlled individually using a separate button in the AMG DRIVE UNIT. One of the four modes available can be selected: Comfort, Sport, Sport Plus and RACE.

The engine is coupled to the AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 7G transmission and also features a Race Start function.

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The modes offered by the AMG DYNAMICS are Basic, Advanced, Pro and Master, with the latter coupled with the RACE drive program.

Fun behind the steering wheel is guaranteed by the AMG Traction Control system, borrowed from the motorsport and allowing the driver to pre-select the slip on the driven rear axle in nine levels. Level 9 allows maximum slip on the rear axle.

The AMG GT R Roadster is equipped with an electronically controlled limited-slip differential on the rear axle.