The new generation Mercedes E-Class comes at the end of 2022

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Mercedes is already working on the next generation W214 which will appear at the end of 2022 and will be a smaller S-Class, according to the German magazine auto motor und sport.

Photo: Auto motor und sport 

The current generation Mercedes E-Class dates back to 2016 and went through a facelift in mid-2020. A new generation will be introduced in late 2022 and will be available for sale from early 2023. The future Mercedes E-Class will be available as a sedan, station wagon (T-Model) and All-Terrain. There will no longer be an E-Class coupe and convertible version, but Mercedes will return to an older strategy.
E-Class and C-Class coupes and convertibles will merge and there will be a CLE convertible and a CLE coupe with four doors.

We said that the new Mercedes E-Class will actually be a smaller S-Class. Thus, the W214 will take over the new MBUX system with the portrait screen, similar to those from S and C-Class. Along with the new MBUX will come the virtual instrument cluster with the new graphics (possibly also in 3D version as in S-Class, not available in C-Class) and improved voice control.
If the legislation allows, the E-Class should also receive optional Level 3 autonomous driving assistance systems.

And the design will be inspired by the S-Class, with thinner headlights and taillights. LED daytime running lights are reduced to a thin line at the top of the headlights. As with the C-Class, the Mercedes logo will no longer be on the hood but will be embedded in the radiator grille and the exhaust pipes will be hidden behind the spoiler. It is also very clear in the spy photos broadcast by auto motor und sport that the door handles are embedded in the body.

The future E-Class will have a slightly longer wheelbase with around 2.96 meters (plus 2 cm), a wider track and optional air suspension and integral steering.

No V8, AMG E 53/63 with electrified 4 cylinder

Under the hood, the E-Class will no longer have 8-cylinder engines. There will only be 4 and 6 cylinder engines.

The 4-cylinder petrol (M254) and diesel (OM654) engines will have a 48V mild hybrid system and an integrated starter generator. The M254 will deliver up to 272 HP and 400 Nm and the OM654 diesel up to 265 HP and 550 Nm as well as the C-Class.

This will be followed by the 6-cylinder petrol (M256) and diesel (OM656) engines, which will develop up to 435 HP (petrol) and 330 HP (diesel), respectively.

As with the future AMG C 63, the upcoming AMG E 53 and E 63 give up the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine in favor of a PHEV propulsion system that combines the 2-liter 4-cylinder M139 engine of the AMG A35 / 45 with an  electric engine, the total power being over 600 HP.