The movie commercial with Bertha Benz was filmed in the land of Dracula

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The movie commercial released by Mercedes-Benz on the 8th of March, to celebrate the woman that changed forever the face of the car industry, Bertha Benz, was not filmed in Germany, as fans may have imagined, but in Romania.

The film named “Bertha Benz: The Journey that Changed Everything” displays the road trip carried out by Bertha Benz, in August 1886, when she left Manheim to reach Pforzheim, where her parents lived, accompanied by her two young sons.


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The movie, produced by Anorak Film and directed by Sebastian Strasser and Alice Bottaro, was shot in Transylvania, in the heart of Sibiu city, but also in a village right outside Sibiu. The actors distributed by the producers are accompanied by Romanian actors, but also random locals.

It is not the first commercial that Mercedes-Benz chose Romania as a set for. The previous generation of the 4-door coupe, Mercedes-Benz CLA, was shot in the state’s capital.