The Move that Saved Lives – Mercedes Driver Avoids Wrong-Way Car at the Last Moment

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A Mercedes driver made a move that most likely saved his life and that of the other driver, if not of possible occupants of both cars. It happened on a road in Poland, central Europe.

The video that makes your heart skip a beat was uploaded on Reddit. The 14-second footage shows a Mercedes in the third lane of a motorway. Out of a sudden, a car that drives in the wrong direction shows up right in front of it. The Mercedes pulls right, swerves onto the right and miraculously manages to avoid the crash that seemed unavoidable.

The Mercedes driver was probably alert after he saw two of the semitrailers from the opposite direction flashing. Those drivers were probably trying to warn traffic participants of the danger that lay ahead of them.

It might be the Mercedes driver making a silver-bullet move at the very last moment. But it might as well be the safety systems of the car. This is something that Evasive Steering Assist would do when an obstacle shows up. The system detects obstacles in front of the car and helps the driver steer to avoid the collision.

While most people in the comments blame the irrational irresponsible driver going into the wrong direction, some slam the Mercedes driver as well. It is obvious that they are rolling at very high speed, compared to the car that captured the image, for instance.

Big credit goes out to the semis’ drivers for trying to signal traffic participants of the hazard.