The Mercedes G63 AMG goes green

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Some people get the “go green” slogan totally wrong. That is probably how this Mercedes G 63 AMG ended up wearing a bright lime green coating made by Impressive Wrap.

It came into the world as a military vehicle and it soon transformed into the celebrities’ sweetheart. Now aftermarket experts are going out of their mind trying to make it more luxurious, more attractive and a more eye-catching (or eye-damaging…) SUV. But maybe a glossy lime green wrap is a bit too much. Wheel rims and the star logo at the center of the wheels also got the lime touch and the spare wheel placed at the back got just as green.

G63 AMG green (1)

Impressive Wrap are the ones who made it possible, probably at the request of the owner of this Mercedes G63 AMG. Honestly speaking, we’ve never thought about this shade option, but since some made it pink, why not make it lime green?

With a location in California, one in Hong Kong and another one in Guangzhou, China, Impressive Wrap provides customized looks to any car, according to the owners’ wishes. As good as they seem to be and as good as some of their cars look, maybe sometimes, they should just say ‘no’…

Photo source: Impressive Wrap.