The Mercedes EQG Climbs Stairs and Goes Uphill Even in Reverse

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The Mercedes EQG is trying to convince us to fall out of love with the ICE G-Class and make room in our hearts for the all-electric version. To prove its worth, it now shows that it can climb stairs. And can go uphill even in reverse!

Yes, you read that right. It happened at the G-Class Experience Center in Graz, Austria. That is where the ICE G has been rolling off the assembly line since 1979. And if it’s hard to believe, there is even a video to prove it, uploaded on the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel. You don’t see a car climbing stairs every day. Not to mention doing it backwards up a steep incline.

The prototype in the video wears the already familiar blue-and-black camouflage covering the already familiar angular silhouette. Not much has changed in terms of design since 1979. Now the off-roader gets air vents in its flared fenders that will optimize airflow, reduce drag, and help with the range. The grille is, of course, fake, since there is no engine under that hood.

You can’t see much on board the EQG since the dashboard is completely covered. But one thing is for sure: there will be hot massage, cooling, and heating functions in the seats to keep occupants comfortable when they try to tackle the off-road.

The EQG goes out of its way to convince us it’s just as good as its ICE predecessor or even better. The Mercedes engineers have been putting it through its paces time and again for the past year. That’s how we got to see the tank turn that also shows up in this video. The off-roader is able to make the spectacular move due to a quad-motor setup. Each of the motors engages one wheel making the car spin around its own axle and perform the pirouette.