(E)state-of-the-art – The Mercedes E-Class Estate set for June debut

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Here they go again! Mercedes-Benz has started the tease-game with the new Mercedes E-Class Estate, getting ready to send it out into the world this upcoming June. One more week left before we see it in all its glory!

After all the spy shots we have been seeing, we now have the new S213 E-Class Estate in a superficial contour, recently posted by the car maker on its official Facebook page. The sketch comes accompanied by the caption “Intelligent (E)state-of-art”.

No other data delivered, but we can safely assume that the T-Modell shall be mimicking the front end and the interior of the sedan launched in Detroit this past January. The company’s high-end tech features, like the 12.3-inch dual display screens, the latest generation of the COMAND Online system, the Car-to-X communication and the Drive Pilot, part of the autonomous driving package, shall find room in the new car.

The elongated roof and the differently shaped rear end, together with wraparound taillights, similar to those of the C-Class Estate, will be setting it apart from the business limousine.

Mercedes-Benz is planning to build two versions of the estate, a standard variant and an All-Terrain one, ready to fight the bumpy roads of the world, featuring, of course, a higher ground clearance.

The new diesel engine generation featuring in the E-Class sedan will find room under the bonnet of the T-Modell as well. The company’s latest transmission, the 9-speed 9G-Tronic, shall be present across the range.