The Mercedes-Benz perfume – It smells like luxury

The Mercedes-Benz fragrance
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Mercedes-Benz prioritizes style. The car brand comes up with the new Mercedes-Benz Perfume and calls the fragrances innovative and futuristic. “It inspires you aspire higher and always dream of going farther”, they say.

Mercedes-Benz comes up with a unique concept of luxury. The fragrance has been created by the most talented five maîtres parfumeurs in Firmenich, the prestigious international producer of parfumery, headquatered in Switzerland. Five masters, five fragrances, five colors, one for each olfactory family, starting with the freshest and going up to the most intens of scents.

Mercedes-Benz perfume

  • Energetic Aromatic (conceived by maître Annie Buzantin) is a pure and refreshing mix of bergamot and grapefruit, enhanced with the fizzy fruitiness of blackcurrant.
  • Pure Woody (conceived by maître Harry Fremont) offers a refined and original accord of fresh apple, cardamom and ginger. “It is a concentrated elegance, quintessence of woods, the symbol of genuine classic chic”, its creator states.
  • Black Leather (conceived by Honorine Blanc) brings up front the woody accents of patchouli, resinous labdanum and notes of amber, combined with the deep, overwhelming character of leather.
  • Infinite Spicy (conceived by Olivier Cresp) starts with a spicy blend of exotic Sichuan pepper with star anise and aromatic coriander. “A vibrant spicy fragrance that intensely keeps the scent for hours”, says Olivier Cresp.
  • Addictive Oriental (conceived by Alberto Morillas) comes with a cascade of lemon blended with green mint essence, enhanced with accents of Paradisone. A airy freshness of lavender and cashmere wood makes it – as its creator says – “a mesmerizing fragrance, revisited by modernity.”

A collection of exclusive sensations, Mercedes-Benz says. The price range varies from 53 euros for the 50 ml Eau de Toilette to 70 euros for the 100ml recipient.

And this is not the first time Mercedes-Benz mingles with those who see the style beyond the car. They have also launched the nail polish. Two special editions, one for the 2012 A-Class and another one for the CLA market launch in 2014 can paint the nails of the ladies in colors similar to the car paint.