The Mercedes-Benz GLC – It was worth the wait

Mercedes-Benz GLC video ad
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“Worth the Wait” is the video ad that dramatizes the profound degree of innovative engineering, craftsmanship and, yes, patience that went into the development of the all-new 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC – the SUV the world has been waiting for.

It took dozens of prototypes – says the voiceover of the video – hundreds of crash simulations and infinite patience to create a vehicle that looks, drives and thinks like nothing else on the road.

Fitting their SUV with a standard 4Matic permanent all-wheel drive system, Mercedes has tailored a GLC for every need with one gasoline powered version (GLC 250, 2-litre turbo, 211 HP), a plug-in hybrid (GLC 350 e, 320 HP) and two diesels (GLC 220 d with 2,1-liter/170 HP and GLC 250 d, running on the same 2,1-liter engine, but in 204 HP guise) on offer. 1,300 euros cheaper than the top GLC 250 d, the GLC 220 d variant is certainly the optimum combo of the range.

And since the video is taking the GLC in the offroad, what is hiding under the trendy catwalk outfit of the SUV? Based on the MRA modular platform, the SUV belonging to the C-Class family comes with a 33 mm longer wheelbase than that of the sedan, at 2.873 mm, while the tracks are wider by 31 mm at the front and 47 mm at the rear. All these add up to a 4.656 mm length, a 1890 mm width and a 1639 mm height. More massive than its predecessor, the GLK, the GLC underwent an efficient diet, with an intelligent mix of materials (high-strength steel structure and aluminum clad front fenders, engine hood, roof and suspension mounts), all helping the GLC save as much as 80 kg compared to the model it is replacing.

Aerodynamics have also improved, with the GLC holding the record in its class with a 0,31 Cd value. But how does it drive? Check out our first driving review to find that out: Full test 2016 Mercedes GLC 220 d 4Matic. Jack of all trades.

In the United States, the prices for the Mercedes-Benz GLC start at 38,950 dollars.