The Mercedes-Benz GLC in the City of Contradictions

Warsaw, Poland
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An adventure behind the wheel of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC in the city of contradictions, Warsaw. It all takes place in the new Highsnobiety video made by Mercedes-Benz TV and it features a close-up of Piotr Skibinski, a young visual artist and actor born and raised in the Polish capital. He is presenting his home town from behind the whel of the new GLC.

„Times are always changing, especially here in Warsaw. I love the river and all the bridges that hold this city together”, says the artist who knows and loves Warsaw better than any other place in the world, while the car runs along one of the 13 main bridges in the city cut in half by the Vistula River.

Like most of the Eastern European cities, Warsaw is stepping away – day by day – from decades of communism.

„What I like here is that people are always looking forward, but without forgetting about the past. Maybe that’s why this city is the perfect combination of classism and the modern age”, says Piotr, while paying attention to the road.

„Life is all about contrast. You can’t truly appreciate the beautiful things until you have gone through tougher times.” And Warsaw has had plenty of those.

With 1,7 million residents, Warsaw was desginated one of the best cities to live in Easter and Central Europe.

As it is getting dark, the car runs along the Swietokrzyski Bridge stretching its long lightened silhouette acrossr Vistula. Not far, the body of the National Polish Stadiums glitters in the dark. These are places conveying ideas, inspiration to the young artist.

„When I’m searching for new ideas, I simply jump into my car, because life takes place in the street. And this is where I belong”, he tells.

He belongs to the city that glues together classic elements and the futuristic look, just like the Mercedes-Benz GLC does. The Polish young actor Piotr Skibinski feels at home in both: the Mercedes SUV and Warsaw.