The Mercedes-Benz ELK electric supercar – Imagination knows no limitation

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Mean and kin on speed. This is how a Mercedes-Benz electric super car would look. Mercedes-Benz is not running after the BMW i8, nor the Audi e-tron. It is just a talented designer’s imagination running wild: the Mercedes-Benz ELK.

A visionary automotive designer gave the future electric supercar from Mercedes-Benz a very futuristic approach. He designed the car in both road and race track versions.

Mercedes-Benz ELK

The car designed by Antonio Paglia comes with a front fascia with a grille made of carbon fiber, flanked by blade-like LED lights, with their contours merging into one line that extends to the three-pointed star logo. Flare front and rear fenders set out a very low glasshouse.

Mercedes-Benz ELK

A star-like rear windscreen flows towards a back with a similar design like that at the front. The wheels, just like those of the IAA Concept, seem to be concave, but turn into perfectly flat discs when the car rolls to guarantee greater aerodynamics.

Mercedes-Benz ELK

For the racetrack version, Antonio Paglia added the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS racing advertising tapes, but also a towering rear air wing, a massive front splitter, racing wheels, a front grille painted in the PETRONAS green and a downforce-generating air diffuser.

With Mercedes-Benz preparing the road version of the GT, the Mercedes-AMG GT-R, it is unlikely that they should care much about such a model nowadays. But sooner or later, it will come around, since the electric path seems to be the way to go.

Photo source: Behance.