The Mercedes-Benz AA-Class – The parody that got Tesla’s attention

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Mercedes-Benz proves that the company’s sense of humor is as high as the class of the automobiles the Germans create. They lent a C-Class for a parody TV commercial starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the actress that you grew up watching as Elaine in “Seinfeld”.

Forget about the ex-talk-of-the-town Tesla Model 3. It is the Mercedes-Benz AA-Class that is now getting all the attention. With the EVs gaining territory in the car industry, Saturday Night Live can’t help making fun of the battery-powered cars. They shot a 2-minute video of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, claiming that you only need tons of AA batteries from a refill to the next to keep the car going.

The parody shows the million and first thing to be powered by the little wonders. Not just a few of them, but about 10,000. The car is now called the Mercedes AA Class and, in the video, it is presented as the first ever luxury sedan powered entirely by the double A batteries.

When the hood comes up, there are just the little batteries in there. No engine, no nothing. And it is the same when the boot lid is open. Just some extra storage space for batteries.

A top speed of 52 mph? Well, maybe they should have left that one out… Not good enough even for parodies and definitely not making Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk eat his heart out.

The AA Class was proved to be the best-in-class safety, as the crash tests only showed batteries jumping off the car when the car slams into the wall.

The Comand Online display is though scary: it keeps mentioning the low battery level. Well, don’t worry! The auto-dump feature helps you discharge the worn out batteries. All 9,648 of them.

And they keep the best for last: “Batteries not included” is the hilarious line ending the video.