The list of the Mercedes models that meet the Euro 6d-TEMP standard

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There is much ado in the car industry with the new pollution and emissions standards and restrictions coming in force. The chase after sales figures has just converted in the chase after homologation. So here is the list, provided by Auto motor und sport, of the Mercedes vehicles that comply the new Euro 6d-TEMP standard.

Starting with the A-Class hot hatch and ending with the Mercedes-Maybach ultra-luxurious limousine, with the SUVs, the cabriolets and the coupes in between, Mercedes had to go through fire to allign all of its models to the new standards of the car industry. Even various AMG models are available according to the new standard, as Mercedes raises the bar in the industry.

From September 1st, 2017 a Not-To-Exceed (NTE) emissions limit is set for Real-Driving Emissions (RDE), different from lab-testing, for new car models with a Conformity Factor of 2.1 for NOx emissions. This comes as the Euro 6d-TEMP standard and it will be mandatory to apply to all new cars in a year from now.

All Mercedes cars will switch to WLTP procedure until autumn 2018

Starting January 2020/21 for new models and all new cars respectively, the NOx CF will be lowered to 1.5 (being 1.0 + error margin of 0.5, with the error margin set to be reviewed). This is identified as the Euro 6d standard.

Thus every new model that has been type-approved since September 2017, plus existing models that have already made the switch ahead of the general introduction of Euro 6d-TEMP in September 2019, are compliant with the Euro 6d-TEMP regulation.

So here is the full list of the vehicles that went straight to Euro 6d-TEMP.

ModelFuel typeDisplacementOutput in kW
A 160Gasoline132580
A 180Gasoline1325100
A 200Gasoline1333120
A 220Gasoline1991140
A 250Gasoline1991165
A 180 dDiesel146185
B 180Gasoline159590
B 200Gasoline1595115
B 250Gasoline1991155
CLA 180Gasoline159590
CLA 200Gasoline1595115
CLA 250Gasoline1991155
CLA 180 Shooting BrakeGasoline159590
CLA 200 Shooting BrakeGasoline1595115
CLA 250 Shooting BrakeGasoline1991155
C 160Gasoline159595
C 180Gasoline1595115
C 200Gasoline1497135
C 300Gasoline1991190
C 400Gasoline2996245
C 180 dDiesel159790
C 200 d 9G-TRONICDiesel1950110
C 200 dDiesel1597118
C 220 dDiesel1950143
C 300 dDiesel1950180
C 43 AMGGasoline2996287
C 160 T-ModellGasoline159595
C 180 T-ModellGasoline1595115
C 200 T-ModellGasoline1497135
C 300 T-ModellGasoline1991190
C 400 T-ModellGasoline2996245
C 180 d T-ModellDiesel159790
C 200 d 9G-TRONIC T-ModellDiesel1950110
C 200 d T-ModellDiesel1597118
C 220 d T-ModellDiesel1950143
C 300 d T-ModellDiesel1950180
C 43 AMG T-ModellGasoline2996287
C 180 CoupéGasoline1595115
C 200 CoupéGasoline1497135
C 300 CoupéGasoline1991190
C 400 CoupéGasoline2996245
C 200 d CoupéDiesel1598118
C 220 d CoupéDiesel1950143
C 300 d CoupéDiesel1950180
C 43 AMG CoupéGasoline2996287
C 200 CabrioletGasoline1497135
C 300 CabrioletGasoline1991190
C 400 CabrioletGasoline2996245
C 200 d CabrioletDiesel1950118
C 220 d CabrioletDiesel1950143
C 300 d CabrioletDiesel1950180
C 43 AMG CabrioletGasoline2996287
SLC 180Gasoline1595115
SLC 200Gasoline1991135
SLC 300Gasoline1991180
SLC 43 AMGGasoline2996287
E 200Gasoline1991135
E 350Gasoline1991220
E 200 dDiesel1950110
E 220 dDiesel1950143
E 300 dDiesel1950180
E 400 dDiesel2925250
E 53 AMGHybrid2999336
E 63 AMGGasoline3982420
E 63 AMG SGasoline3982450
E 200 T-ModellGasoline1991135
E 200 d T-ModellDiesel1950110
E 220 d T-ModellDiesel1950143
E 300 d T-ModellDiesel1950180
E 400 d T-ModellDiesel2925250
E 53 AMG T-ModellHybrid2999336
E 63 AMG T-ModellGasoline3982420
E 63 AMG S T-ModellGasoline3982450
E 220 d T-ModellDiesel1950143
E 300 d T-ModellDiesel1950180
E 220 d All-TerrainDiesel1950143
E 200 CoupéGasoline1991135
E 300 CoupéGasoline1991180
E 350 EQ Boost CoupéHybrid1991230
E 220 d CoupéDiesel1950143
E 300 d CoupéDiesel1950180
E 53 AMG CoupéHybrid2999336
E 200 CabrioletGasoline1991135
E 300 CabrioletGasoline1991180
E 350 EQ Boost CabrioletHybrid1991230
E 220 d CabrioletDiesel1950143
E 300 d CabrioletDiesel1950180
E 53 AMG CabrioletHybrid2999336
CLS 450 CoupéHybrid2999270
CLS 300 d CoupéDiesel1950180
CLS 350 d CoupéDiesel2925210
CLS 400 d CoupéDiesel2925250
CLS 53 AMG CoupéHybrid2999336
S 450Gasoline2999286
S 500Gasoline2999336
S 560Gasoline3982345
S 600Gasoline5980390
S 63 AMGGasoline3982450
S 65 AMGGasoline5980463
Maybach S 560Gasoline3982345
Maybach S 650Gasoline5980463
S 450 CoupéGasoline2996270
S 560 CoupéGasoline3982345
S 63 AMG CoupéGasoline3982450
S 65 AMG CoupéGasoline5980463
S 560 CabrioletGasoline3982345
S 63 AMG CabrioletGasoline3982450
S 65 AMG CabrioletGasoline5980463
SL 400Gasoline2996270
SL 500Gasoline4663335
SL 63 AMGGasoline5461420
AMG GT 63 (4-Door Coupe)Gasoline3982430
AMG GT 63 S (4-Door Coupe)Gasoline3982470
AMG GT CoupéGasoline3982350
AMG GT S CoupéGasoline3982384
AMG GT C CoupéGasoline3982410
AMG GT R CoupéGasoline3982430
AMG GT RoadsterGasoline3982350
AMG GT S RoadsterGasoline3982384
AMG GT C RoadsterGasoline3982410
GLA 180Gasoline159590
GLA 200Gasoline1595115
GLA 250Gasoline1991155
GLC 250Gasoline1991155
GLC 300Gasoline1991180
GLC 43 AMGGasoline2996270
GLC Coupé 250Gasoline1991155
GLC Coupé 300Gasoline1991180
GLC Coupé 43 AMGGasoline2996270
GLE Coupé 400Gasoline2996245
GLE Coupé 43 AMGGasoline2996270
GLE Coupé 63 AMGGasoline5461410
GLE Coupé 63 S AMGGasoline5461430
GLS 400Gasoline2996245
GLS 500Gasoline4663335
GLS 63 AMGGasoline5461430
G 500Gasoline3982310
G 63 AMGGasoline3982430