The Larte V-Class – Private jet on the road

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The Mercedes-Benz V-Class was turned into a private jet on the road by Larte Design and also got a brand-new name: the Mercedes-Benz V-Class Black Crystal. The tuner put into it the finest and most exquisite materials they could get their hands on.

It’s all leather and wooden finish with a marble look on the inside of this first-class cabin and everything was fitted inside the car with the assistance of Klassen, aiming to put on the road the most luxurious means of transportation in the shape of a minivan. A gigantic LCD, an Alpine audio system, an airplane-inspired minibar, folding tables, electric sockets, privacy curtains and a biometric safe were all installed in the car. Four beige leather reclining seats will provide the occupants the comfort guaranteed by the luxury airlines.

Larte Design Mercedes-Benz V-Class Black Crystal

Once the precious passenger will step outside, he will be mesmerized by the outstanding bodykit that brings a totally new look to the Mercedes. The bodykit includes a customized front grille featuring the tuning company’s logo, the famous horseshoe lucky-charm and a revised front bumper showcasing two inlaid crystals, hinting to the dubbing of the tuning package. The additions are all made of composite materials with carbon detailing. The car was lifted on new larger alloy wheels and got extended side skirts.

Larte Design apparently kept their hands off the engine of the Benz. More about the aesthetic transformation of the car is going to be made public in Geneva, in less than a month from now.

Photo source: Larte Design.