The Jurassic “Mercedes” World. Spoiler alert!

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Has there ever been a movie with more Mercedes-Benz models in it? Not as far as we remember. Have you seen the “Jurassic World” yet? If not, we must warn you: this is a spoiler alert.

22 years have passed since the first Jurassic Park came out, the on screen groundbreaking amusement park imagined by the visionary John Hammond is now perfectly functional. Millions of tourists have come to Isla Nubar, paying exorbitant prices to see, with their very own eyes, the dinosaurs brought back to life due to some state-of-the-art technology. But lately, the sales have been going down, so the owners of the park, Masrani Corporation, order the creation of a brand-new dinosaur, that had to be bigger, more intelligent and more dangerous than any other in the park. Once Indominus Rex is ready, the sales are skyrocketing, just like those of the movie tickets at the box office.

Mercedes GLE Coupe Jurassic World

The hybrid dino is a monster: she can run up to 30 mph (48 km/h) and its roar alone could reach 140 – 160 db, as loud as the takeoff and landing of a Boeing 747 aircraft. They kept her in a 12 meter (40 feet) high paddock, but Indominus Rex became bothered by having no social interaction and not enough space, so her creators decided to make a sibling for her. But the sibling has a too short and sad story, which you are going to find out at the cinema theater.

The day the paddock was open to public, the Indominus has an even weirder behaviour, showing the vulnerability of the experts’ creation. When Owen Grady and two construction workers come in to investigate the damaged paddock, the dinosaur attacks them. They manage to flee, but so does the Indominus Rex, devouring the two workers. Owen manages to escape by hiding under a car and cutting off the fuel tank of the car to mask his scent by gas. Totally free, the I. Rex gets into the Jurassic World park. She practically ruins the park, killing each and every one trying to capture her, together with other dinosaurs in the park, safely moving into the restricted area of Isla Nublar.

Jurassic World

But Owen Grady and Claire Dearing were one step ahead of her, already in the Visitor Center. She tries to kill them both, but her pursuit of humans ended once Masrani comes piloting a JW001 fitted with a machine gun, leading her towards Jurassic World Aviary. But there is no escape there either, so the pterosaurus breaking out of their enclosures attack the guests in the Main Street of the Park and the Indominus Rex gets to travel even further into the restricted area of the island.

That night, she becomes the Alpha of a Velociraptor pack, so – at her command – the raptor attack humans. The I. Rex manages to escape the fire of the security troops, as the fire guns had little to no effect on her. But a rocket makes her come close to collapsing.

Jurassic World

Eventually arrived in the Main Street, the Indominus Rex is face to face with Owen, Claire and other characters, together with the remaining raptors that are now on the human’s side. But she easily kills two of the three raptors and proceeds to killing Owen, who finds temporary shelter in the Main Street shops. Tyrannosaurus Rex and Blue, left alive from the previous fight, drag her towards the Jurassic World Lagoon, where the Mosasaurus pulls the hybrid under water.

There has never been a movie sporting bringing so many Mercedes-Benz vehicles up close. The hunters roar through the jungle on board the luxury enduring SUV G-Class. A Sprinter van and the six-wheeled beast G 63 AMG 6×6 play leading parts, transporting dino-hunting troops and mastering the rough terrain of the jungle. The monstrous Unimog also serves as an emergency veterinary unit for the wounded dinosaurs.

But the star of the stars is none other than the Mercedes GLE Coupe. In the movie, Owen asks Claire, the steely operations manager played by Bryce Dallas Howard, if she wants to “see something cool”. Naturally, a “NO” would have put an end to product placement. But the new GLE pulls onto the screen, logo first.

Jurassic World 2

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” Howard exclaims, before Owen replies: “Yeah! Look at that thing.”

Mercedes said it worked the SUV secretly into the filmmaking process a year and a half ago: “The security measures on set were huge,” the carmaker told. They were desperate to shield it from the paparazzi and apparently, they did a great job keeping it a secret.

“Jurassic World is an upscale theme park, so we wanted one of the most upscale auto manufacturers to be involved in it”, movie producer Pat Crowley said soon after the news came out.

Jurassic World

Mercedes-Benz has always linked luxury cars to prehistoric creatures, first deploying the Mercedes-Benz M-Class to fight the dinosaurs in the 1997 sequel “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”.

The movie’s premiere in Hollywood on Tuesday was also sponsored by Mercedes, with the actors being brought to the red carpet by a shiny red Mercedes GLE Coupe, then posing right outside the premiere theater next to the six-wheeled G-Class.

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Now that you have read the spoiler alert, are you booking a ticket or not? We recommend you seeing it in a 4DX format to fully enjoy the adventure.