The intruder. The Mercedes-AMG GT R hits Maranello

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The Mercedes-AMG GT R hits the racetrack at Maranello, Ferrari’s home, just days after the Formula 1 team has celebrated the Constructors’ Title Championship defeating La Scuderia. A video shows the “Green Beast” invading the general quartier of Ferrari.

The video has been posted by Mercedes-Benz Italia. The car with the three-pointed star enters the territory of the Prancing Horse at dawn. “La sfida continua” (“The defiance continues”), the Italians say, claiming that this season may be over with Mercedes opening the champagne bottles, but next year will look totally different. The GT R is the defiant, but also the spy, trying to get information from the territory of the rival. The “Green Beast” lets a red flag drop on the pavement at Modena, a sign of challenge for 2018.

In the end, the monstrous 585-horsepower car is shown exiting the racetrack of the Prancing Horse and hitting the street, passing by the headquarters of Ferrari at Maranello.

More than defiance – Mercedes-Benz Italia says – it is the recognizing of the work and competitiveness of Ferrari throughout the season that will come to an end after the upcoming two races. “Il valore di una vittoria e nella grandezza degli aveversari” (“The value of a victory is in the grandness of the rivals), is the text displayed in the video.