The innovative feature that the Mercedes-Benz trucks receive

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The Mercedes-Benz trucks will receive an innovative feature. It is a world premiere in the segment. What will the giants be capable of doing?

Starting June 2021, Mercedes-Benz Trucks will equip the Actros and the Arocs with the new Active Sideguard Assist with automated braking function. The feature is capable of warning drivers and also initiate automated braking until the truck comes to a standstill.

Mercedes is thus confirming its position as a leader in safety, following investments of hundreds of millions of euros per year in research and development of assistance systems. The new result of the engineers’ work are the Active Sideguard Assist and the Active Drive Assist 2.

How does the Sideguard Assist work in the Mercedes-Benz trucks?

When the driver needs to pay attention to various factors, the Sideguard Assist protects vulnerable traffic participants. They are usually unaware of the truck driver’s intentions or whether he sees them or not. Therefore the Sideguard Assist monitor the zone on the co-driver’s side and will cut in, warning the driver of the existence of a pedestrian or cyclist.

The innovative feature that the Mercedes-Benz trucks receive

Starting June 2021, the feature will also include the automated braking. It will be active at speeds of up to 20 km/h and will bring the vehicle to a standstill if the driver fails to respond to warning.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is thus the first truck manufacturer in the world to offer such a system.

The innovative feature that the Mercedes-Benz trucks receive

How does the Active Drive Assist 2 work?

A further step in terms of safety is the Active Drive Assist 2. The system implemented in 2018 is capable of partially automated driving. It can maintain the distance from the vehicle ahead, it can accelerate and steer if necessary and automatically brake when the truck is too close to a vehicle. But starting June 2021, the ADA 2 will initiate emergency stop if it recognizes that the driver has not been actively involved in the driving process for a longer period of time. It can be especially useful when medical problems occur.

The innovative feature that the Mercedes-Benz trucks receive

The system will first require the driver to place hands on the steering wheel. If he fails to respond after 60 seconds, after multiple warnings, the system can brake until the truck comes to a standstill within its lane. It also warns the following vehicles activating hazard lights. When the truck is still, the system will automatically engage the new electronic parking brake and will unlock the doors. This will make it easier for paramedics to intervene in case of a medical emergency.

The innovative feature that the Mercedes-Benz trucks receive

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