The Highway to Hell

Mercedes-Benz on fire downhill
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It was the highway to hell in Norway, where a Mercedes-Benz caught fire. The intervention of the fire fighters went terribly wrong and the car started rolling down the road. Watch the incredible video!

The Mercedes C-class went into flames on a Norwegian public road and the owner immediately called the emergency number. The fire fighters got there in no time, but their attempt to put out the fire went terribly wrong. The car started running downhill like a fire ball, with smoke rising through the air. A brave fire fighter, not considering the gas tank might blow up at any time, tries to pull the parking break of the car in flames.

Luckily, no other car showed up from the opposite direction, so the Benz only collided with the guard rail of the curvy mountain road.

Maybe they should have used this Mercedes-Benz Atego to put out the fire faster!

We woud have expected the fire fighters to run after it, in what would have been an emergency mission. But they just walked downhill, while the fire department truck slowly turned and drove backwards, in order to put the foam tank towards the burning torch. They might have as well sung “The Highway to Hell”, while trying to put the fire out, since they did not seem to worry too much about it.

Soon after that, the fire was extinguished, while the residents of the area watched in horror.