The Grand Tour: Clarkson & Co have fun with the Stig and AMG GT

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The Grand Tour is inching towards its November 19th debut. While fans around the world can’t wait to see Clarkson & Co back in action, the trio is having one last Top Gear style track day with the Mercedes-AMG GT and the Stig himself.

With the former (and best) Stig, Ben Collins, at the helm of the Mercedes-AMG GT, Porsche 911 Turbo S and Corvette Z06, Clarkson, May and Hammond couldn’t resist to time the three sports cars’ times around the Thruxton circuit in Hampshire.

Tire smoke, crazy drifting, camera angles, even the music is eerily similar to the golden Top Gear era. The former filming crew including the editors and main cinematographer also jumped ship so everything is wonderfully familiar in therms of visual flare and… script extravaganza. And this can only be a sign of (GOOD) things to come for the The Grand Tour with Clarkson and his two amigos expected to return on Amazon Prime, next month.

Did the Mercedes-AMG GT S win? See for yourself.