The future Mercedes GLE Coupe embraces familiar styling

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After the “normal” GLE, Mercedes-Benz will soon have to replace the GLE Coupe and evolution, instead of revolution, seems to be the preferred path.

The aging Mercedes GLE, born M-Class eight years ago, has finally been replaced by a brand new generation which gets the assault of no less than an (also) all-new BMW X5, and the Audi Q7 launched a few years ago. Like the latter, he can also board up to 7 people.

And what about the Mercedes GLE Coupe, based on the old GLE? Mercedes-Benz will have to replace it very soon, because it can already be considered technologically outdated compared to the new GLE.

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A style without surprise?
X-Tomi is already trying to imagine the look of the new Mercedes GLE Coupe, based on the images of the “normal” GLE. Do not expect surprises about the style, with a simple “cut” lowered roof and rounder rear-end compared to the new GLE.

The new Mercedes GLE Coupe will be powered by the latest generation of inline-six cylinder 3 liter petrol and diesel engines and get a new Plug-In Hybrid and a Hybrid version, as well. The company’s 9 speed automatic gearbox and 4Matic all wheel drive will be standard across the range. The official presentation should take place sometimes this spring or summer.