The future Mercedes A-Class (W177) will be launch at the begining of 2018

Mercedes A-Class W177 planned for 2018
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Mercedes will launch the second generation of the A-Class (W177) at the beginning of 2018.  Auto motor und sport magazine caught the first picture from the cockpit of the future A-Class with less camouflage. There are also new information about the Mercedes-AMG A45.

As we wrote before, Mercedes will increase the number of the variants for the new A-Class family. Despite the four door coupe CLA, Mercedes will introduce also a sedan version which should be interesting for the Chinese market but not only and a second SUV named GLB. GLB is the big brother of the GLA, will offer up to 7 places and will play the role of a competitor for the BMW 2 Serie Gran Tourer, because Mercedes does not plan to offer a B-Class with seven places.

All models from the A-Class family will be built on the MFA 2 (second generation of Mercedes Frontantrieb platform), which will help to reduce the weight by 50 kg and make the bodies stiffer. According to auto motor und sport magazine, the wheelbase of the new Mercedes A-Class grows by about 2 centimeters, which should be in the benefit of the passengers. Especially the rear access should be more comfortable.

Mercedes promise also better allround visibility, better acces and a bigger boot.

There will be an important change in the layout of the dashboard. As we can see in the new picture published by auto motor und sport, the new display is much better integrated and does not look anymore as an aftermarket product. It has a nice chrome frame and will be operated by the classic controller.

It is sure that will be an option for the digital instruments but we don’t know yet if the analogue instruments will dissapear from the basic versions.

We have more infos about the engines. The smaller diesel engines will continue to be delivered by partner Renault while the more powerful diesel versions will get the new 2 liter diesel launched in the E-Class with 150 and 194 HP.

The A45 AMG will get a new 2 liter four cylinder engine with 408 HP and will be combined with all wheel drive and the new nine speed automatic gearbox which will repplace the current 7 speed double clutch gearbox. The 48 Volt network will be available first time in a compact model.

Mercedes plans also a Plug-In Hybrid version with an electric range up to 100 km.

Who understand german language can find the full article here.