The 2018 Mercedes A-Class and the second generation compact family

The future Mercedes compact family range
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The future Mercedes A-Class will arrive in April 2018 followed by the others members of the front wheel drive compact family. Completely new: the A-Class limousine and the 7 seats crossover.

The radical change between the second and the third Mercedes A-Class generations was a risky move, but the new A-Class brought a significant contribution the success of the new Mercedes compact family based on the new MFA (Mercedes frontantrieb platform).

On the other side, the Mercedes A-Class sales are very far from the VW Golf figures. The popular VW Golf dominates the top of the compact class and its sales are 8 times bigger than the A-Class sales.

Mercedes is looking to improve to weak points of the future Mercedes A-Class. The new generation (code name W177), as it is presented by Auto Motor und Sport magazine in the computer picture will be more spacious and more practic and will be offered exclusively with five doors as in case of the current generation.

It seems that the idea of a high performance A-Class Coupe was abandoned to not compete with the future SLC which will be built on a common platform with the SL. Instead, it seems that Mercedes will offer a base version A-Class Coupe with three doors, cheaper than the five doors A-Class.

Here is the  compact family launch program according to Auto Bild magazine:

A-Class five doors: April 2018

A-Class limousine: October 2018

B-Class: February 2019

CLA: April 2019

CLA Shooting Brake: July 2019

GLA 7 seven seats: September 2019

GLA: April 2020

And where it is the long rumoured GLB? The GLB should be the 7 seats crossover but Mercedes has changed the logistic two weeks ago.

According to a chart presented to the Mercedes Annual General Meeting, the current GLA will bear the name GLA Coupe after the facelift planned for 2017 while the rumored GLB will be named simply GLA and will have the option for 7 seats.

The new compact family will use the evolution of the MFA platform named MFA2. It seems that the B-Class ED will not have a successor and Mercedes will offer purely electric versions only for GLA and GLA Coupe in which the raised floor allows to install the batteries easily.

The Plug-In Hybrid propulsion is also planned. A 68 HP electric engine will be placed between the transverse mounted conventional engine and the 9 speed automatic gearbox.

Contrary to BMW, Mercedes said a clear NO to the 3 cylinders engine. The smaller 1.5 dCi diesel engines will come from the partner Renault and will offer 95 and 122 HP.

The 2.2 liter diesel will be replaced by the new 2,0 liter diesel launched in E-Class and will offer 150 and 194 HP. Completely new is the 2,0 liter petrol available in three stages – 129, 156 and 211 HP.

The top version A 45 AMG will be joined by a “base” version” A 40 AMG with around 306 HP. For the AMG 45 Mercedes planned another power increase to 408 HP and even a Plug-In Hybrid propulsion system is not excluded.

The ergonomic concept will be taken from the E-Class with the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel. But the traditional controller will be replaced by a touchpad. Also, the display will be new and will have a widescreen format instead of the current 4:3.