The flying Mercedes and the crazy stunts of Fast & Furious 7

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Mercedes joins Furious 7. Opening this weekend, the movie features all the spicy ingredients fans of the series love: crazy cars, amazing locations and beautiful women. Among the stars we spot two Mercedes-Benz models, the G-Class and the S-Class.

The S-Class sedans are plain jane W220 models with black paint. Chrome 21 or 22 inch alloy wheels seem to be the only glitzy elements present. In contrast, the G-Class has been heavily modified to mimic the look of armored military vehicles, featuring all-new matte-black body panels, coupled with perforated metal plates covering the windows for bullet-protection.

We do not want to spoil anything, but we can reveal this much: the S-Class will literally fly, as tradition dictates in the case of Hollywood extravaganza. Jack Gill, Stunt Coordinator of the movie, explains the secrets behind shooting all these crazy scenes. Check out his story in the video below.