The Flamethrower – This Mercedes-AMG G63 spits fire

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You thought you must have seen it all, right? Well, there is still something to blow your mind! A Mercedes-AMG G63 tuned by Eurowise Performance ended up spitting fire.

This Mercedes-AMG G63 is unlike any other. Taken up all the way to 700 horsepower, the boxy vehicle has been equipped with an Eurowise custom exhaust and – are you sitting down when reading this? – a flamethrower. Yeah, you read that right. Just like those used in war zones. There is no doubt the Eurowise Performance is a warrior and it is wearing just the right suit for it.

The military-made SUV has been lowered by 1.5 inches. It now runs on Vossen 22-inch wheels and the headlights and tailight have been smoked and received a Brabus front LED bumper, for a fierce appearance. It has been covered up in Mcarbon carbon fiber inside out, to make it lighter and more aggressive.

If it rains, it’s in trouble. The roof has been wrapped in Alcantara and the hood and windscreen frame received a satin treatment. The running boards have been covered in powder for a spectacular finish look.

It looks every inch a beast and it surely acts like one. Due to its customized exhaust system, the Mercedes-AMG G63 now spits fire. It’s a flamethrower on wheels. Just don’t call the fire-fighters if you end up in a traffic jam next to it. It eventually extinguishes itself. Hopefully!