The first C-Class ever comes to support the new C-Class in publicity campain

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Mercedes-Benz has taken the promotion of the new C-Class at a whole new level. The first C-Class ever stars in the half-minute video. The film shows the legendary journey through the car history, as it transforms from a boxy sedan into a harmoniously designed automobile.

The first C-Class ever was already a car ahead of its time, when it hit the road, back in 1993. But Mercedes-Benz did not stop at that. The company kept improving the mid-class sedan, always making it more agile, stronger and smarter, ever more comfortable and more attractive.

The moment it arrived, the C was the smallest of the cars with the stars, as the A-Class was not even part of the plan at that time.

The new commercial for the 2019 variant of the world’s most popular performance sedan shows how the engineers of the premium car company kept on making the C-Class better, with a constant transformation, always on the move.

The C is one of the company’s best-seller with 415,000 vehicles solely in 2017. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class facelift was presented this past spring, at the Geneva Motor Show. The series production started in August, at the Mercedes car plant in Germany, one of the most modern of the company’s production network. Read about it right here:

The production of the new C-Class starts in Bremen