Nonda, the fast charger that connects to your ancient Benz

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In a world of technology, it is very important to be connected. That is exactly why you have a Facebook page, a Linkedin account and all the contacts saved in Google. People started to have a connection with their car, not just affectionately, but technically as well. Here is where nonda fast charger steps forward. Not all cars has a very high-tech infotainment system that tells you where the car is. But nonda can do that.

There are a lot of chargers for cars, but this little device is really something else. First of all, Nonda can charge your device faster than you might think due to the titanium head for the connecting port to the DC outlet of your car. Since titanium has a better conductivity then regular steel, the energy transfer is better. Also, the shape of the connecting plot is optimized for a better contact with the power outlet. These two details combined lead to a faster charging capacity for your device (smartphone, tablet etc.)

But this is only one part for this device. Nonda ZUS smart charger can do a lot more.

Nonda 2

Download and install the ZUS smart car locator and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. Once installed, via this app, you will be notified when your parking time expires, you will find the status of your battery charge and, most importantly, the location of your car.

I think it happened to anyone to lose their car in a huge parking lot. The device will send a signal to your phone and will direct you towards your car. So stop wasting time with all those heavy purchases trying to find your car. ZUS smart charger will assist you with more then charging your phone. This is its most insignificant feature, and even that does it better than any other car charger on the market.