The end of an era: No more V12 engines wearing the Mercedes-AMG logo?

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A new and unsettling rumor has been circling the Paris motor show floor last week. Mercedes-AMG is said to give up its long tradition of building impressive V12 engines for its top of the line models, like the S-Class or the G-Class.

The information came straight from Tobias Moers, current head of Mercedes-AMG and future Mercedes-Benz CEO (replacing the famous Dr. Z – Dieter Zetsche). “(due to the new WLTP tests – n.r.) We’re out of supply with the S 65 models,” he said, with the potential of the six-hundred-horsepower V12 AMG engine likely to disappear altogether from the line-up.

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche, leaving next year. Who will be the new boss?

Of course, this move raises some interesting questions, such as what will be delivered to the next-generation Aston Martin sports cars if Mercedes-AMG no longer produces a 12 cylinder engine.

The solution is, of course, simpler than anyone would think: Mercedes-AMG is likely to capitalize even further on the hybrid drive system that has been shown last year in the AMG GT Concept study: the four-liter bi-turbo V8 was aided by two electric engines, denying the need for a big V12 in order to achieve high power and torque outputs. Even without hybridization, Mercedes-AMG already squeezed from the four-liter V8 612 horsepower for the Mercedes-AMG S 63, which is only 18 hp less than the current V12.

So, again, the only question is what will happen to the partnership with Aston Martin, which currently saw the English car maker receive the Mercedes-AMG V8 until now. Well, the answer is probably simpler than we think: there will not be any V12 donated by Mercedes-AMG. Aston Martin has already been well-versed with six- and eight-cylinder engines along its history, so the V12 is not really necessary.