Linkin Park helps the electrified Mercedes-AMG Project ONE sound better

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The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE looks like a beast from every angle, but it should sound like one, too. That is exactly why the powerhouse is getting help from Linkin Park once again, this time to provide the Project ONE electric supercar with a super sound.

The partnership was confirmed by the AMG head Tobias Moers, who stated for WheelsMag: “You know Linkin Park? I started to talk with these guys about what is their interpretation of electrified sound. We’ve had a cooperation with Linkin Park for years. We’re really close”, Moers said.


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“We started off years ago. We established a team doing artificial sound, and we worked together with games specialists, we worked together with film artists doing sound for films. We sell emotions, and sound is really a crucial part of emotion, so what we do is work on artificial sounds, because you have to”, added the Mercedes-AMG’s chief.

The Project ONE, supplied with Formula 1-derived technology is powered by a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 and four electric motors, that develop a total combined power of 1,000 horsepower. The first models will hit the streets in 2019, but rumour has it that the model has already been sold out even before its official presentation.  Only 275 units will be build and sold for a price of 2,75 million Euros.

The new team work shared by AMG with Linkin Park is part of a long-term partnership that the performance cars manufacturer signed with the rock band. Last year, the artists presented their own design for the Mercedes-AMG GT3 that competed at Le Mans. It has been a rough year for the band that lost their front man. Chester Bennington, aged 41 and father of six, committed suicide this past July, in his private residence Palo Verdes Estates, Los Angeles.


Mercedes-AMG sends condolences to the family of late singer Chester Bennington