The Easter eggs end up on a Benz. Photos of really bad parking

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We all went to driving school. We all learned how to park the right way. And yeah, we all know that rules are made to be broken. But for God’s sake, in traffic and parking lots, we should stick to them, though. Unless we want to end up like these guys. Watch the most hilarious Mercedes parking ways and their punishments. But what are the cars guilty of?

Do you still have some Easter eggs left or have you thrown them on this red C-Class? Well, that’s what you get for parking sideways. The reckless driver got some orange horns and apparently, some toilet paper, too. Just in case he wanted to wipe his windshield before starting off to the nearest car wash.

Bad parking cropped

But that’s ok. It will wash off. Eventually. But we believe washing can, by no means, save this smashed S-Class. Former mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, used a Russian tank to pluck the sleeves of the drivers who park ilegally. He actually plucks their cars and definitely makes his point about careless parking. We must not forget to mention this: the car was especially brought in for the clip.

Vilnius S-Class tank bad parking

Well, if your cute and tiny, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to park anywhere! “No parking” means no parking, even if your car is half the size of most. This guy was virtually nailed to the spot and he deserved it big time. Oh, sorry, we shouldn’t mention “big” in the same paragraph with the smart.

smart bad parking

And that’s even worse if you’re really big. This driver was having some kind of emergency, which we hope was not grocery shopping, and did not have time to find a between-the-lines spot. So his Mercedes SUV just put it up riding the narrow sidewalk and getting the pedestrians a bit confused.

ML bad parking


And we’re saving the best for last. Here comes the famous Shakira, climbing her car on the sidewalk right on the zebra crossing. Lucky for her boyfriend Pique was close by and showed up to save the day. Anyway, that’s the $62 000 Mercedes-Benz SLK250 she got as a present from the Barcelona defender. But no, Shakira, you can’t possibly park “Whenever, wherever”…

And by the way, stay tuned. We’re bringing the latest information about Shakira’s Mercedes-Benz car collection soon.