The E-Class, now highest volume Mercedes-Benz of all time

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The E-Class has reached a significant historic milestone with over thirteen million Saloons and Estates delivered since the launch of the first generation, thus becoming the most successful nameplate in Mercedes’ history.

The facelift of the 124 model series marked the debut of the E-Class designation, in 1993. The nameplate’s heritage goes back as far as 1947, though, when the Mercedes‑Benz 170 V celebrated its launch as the first post-war Mercedes‑Benz passenger car and founder of the E-Class lineage.

Unveiled in 1995, the second generation E-Class marked new ground at that time for Mercedes-Benz, not only in terms of engineering but also design, introducing an innovative, sportier design, dominated by the characteristic four-headlight front.

Mercedes-Benz launched the following and third E-Class model series in 2002, characterized by numerous innovations in the areas of economy and safety.

The current generation of the E-Class came onto the market in 2009, receiving new, efficient engines, new assistance systems and a new design idiom, in 2013. More than 257,000 Saloons and Estates of the current, fourth model series alone have been sold in 2014.

The popularity of the model is as high as ever while key markets remain the USA and China. On a global scale, four out of five Mercedes-Benz customers are opting for an E-Class last month. Meanwhile, the Estate is king In Europe and especially in Germany, where just as many Estate models being sold as Saloons.