The David and Golliath smart Crash Test

The smart safety
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Mercedes-Benz tested their smallest automobile, the smart fortwo, against their biggest, the S-Class. The safety cell remained intact. Let’s see exactly how that happened.

The smart safety experts say they are happy about the results of the EuroNCAP test, but they are to be released at the beginning of December. Until then, their lips are sealed. But before that, the Mercedes put the David and Golliath against each other, in one of the worst-case scenario. The smart David, weighing just one tone and one hundred kilograms and the giant limousine of 2,3 tones, both having a 50 km/h speed, rushed into each other on a home crash test.

By watching the test in slow motion, frame by frame, as the two collide, we can see that the smart is stopped instantly and its rear wheels are lifted from the ground. The S-Class is not stopping. The over 5-meter limousine absorbs the crash shock in its length, but the smart, which is approximately 2,5 meters shorter (3,495 m), is surprisingly keeping its “Tridion” safety cell intact. Flat tires and a fully destroyed front end, but on the inside, the pedals do not get distorted. Both cars were exposed at the Museu del Disseny (DHUB) in Barcelona for the press drive test event.

Mercedes-Benz has turned the safety issue into a top priority, no matter the class, nor the size of the vehicle. Statistics say that in Germany, in 2013, most accidents happened while turning off a road (38%) and rear-end collisions (15%). An optional warning system for lane departure and a system preventing rear-end collisions can be ordered, to make the smallest Mercedes family member as safe as can be.

The safety cell has been reinforced with high strength and ultra high strength steel. The basic equipment level comes standard with an extensive ray of passive protection systems, like knee bag, cruise control and crosswind assist, a unique feature for the class. The forfour also features head restraints and belt tentioners for the rear passengers, as standard. The front passenger’s airbag can be easily deactivated and the ISOFIX systems can safely hold child seats.