The dance of the ballerina on the racetrack: first video of the C 63 AMG Coupe

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Muscular, yet graceful. Powerful, yet delicate. This is exactly how the latest sportiest C-Class ever would be described word by word. It is the dance-race which will see just one winner: the Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupe, the “Something Fast” Mercedes has been advertising for months.

And it looks and acts every inch fast, dancing and racing by the sophisticated rhythm of the 8-cylinder AMG engine symphony.

The sleek supple proportions of the sportiest C-Class ever shine bright in the sunlight and all looks calm and quiet. But the push of a button and the lights above the circuit going green unleash the devilish swing on the racetrack.

Controlled power slides in tight bends and thick smoke coming out of the wide tyres make this muscular engined dancer look as if it is floating inches above the tarmac. A ballerina spin and a final pose end the breathtaking first video ever of the sportiest C-Class ever made: the robust, yet graceful Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupe.

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