The curious case of a Mercedes SLR

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If you look at it from behind, it’s black. From the front, it’s silver. From the side, it’s black and red and orange and silver and we hope we haven’t missed any shade. Maybe the owner of this Mercedes SLR found it hard to settle for just one color.

The British owner of the McLaren Mercedes SLR is having a holiday in France and can’t possibly keep a low profile while cruising around the French Riviera in that fireball. But maybe it is not such a good idea to let it melt in the sun. The heat produced by its glorious engine has already started to mess up with the wrap on the sides a bit, around the side vents, so surely this wrap, now peeling off the car, has seen better days. Anyhow, that can only be a sign the owner is driving it the way it is supposed to be driven.

Mercedes SLR

And speaking of how it is supposed to be driven: that flashy wrap hides a beast. We’re talking about the monstrous 5.5 liter V8 unit, roaring out over 600 HP. So it’s a miracle the wrap hasn’t peeled off completely. And if it looks this scary while it’s parked, just imagine how it might look while passing you by on the highway.

The hypercar with the glossy incendiary look has its home in London, but the owner never goes out of the country without it. The SLR meteor is like a business card for the guy. The kind of business card you just show without giving away!