The caravan G-Class boldly goes where no trailer has gone before

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The caravan G-Class fights the wild and defies the rough terrain in Australia. An Australian manufacturer offer the camper by the name of EXP 4.

The Australian manufacturer Bruder transforms the G-Class into an expedition vehicle, towing a caravan. The company has opened an office in Amsterdam, Netherlands, so the model is also available across Europe.

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Approximately 34,100 Euros have to be paid for the transformation, but the sum does not cover the water heater, the air conditioning and the 300-watt system that captures solar energy. The future owner has to pay an addition of 2,200 Euros for the shipment.

The caravan is 4,99 meters long, 1,96 wide and 2,08 meters high. A beveled superstructure reduces air resistance, thus reducing fuel consumption.

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The caravan is equipped with massive wheels and tires of 37 inches. The axle mechanics of the EXP 4 allows the height adjustment of the springs up to 31 centimeters, thus creating a huge ground clearance of 86 centimeters, allowing the special camper easily pass through quite deep-water beds. The caravan also features a seal that makes it waterproof.

The kitchen area, with a stainless-steel sink, a large counter area and a 60-liter refrigerator, is located outside, so cooking is restricted by the weather conditions, just as the shower area. The sleeping area of 2.20 x 1.80 meters, is located at the front of the structure. A small sleeping area for children is also provided.

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The standard equipment of the caravan includes four USB sockets, LED lighting and protective insects screen.

EXP 4 weighs, according to the manufacturer, 850 kilograms.