The Brabus 900 Rocket Edition is a highly modified Mercedes-AMG G 63

The fastest Mercedes G-Class ever
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The Brabus  900 Rocket Edition is the fastest Mercedes G-Class ever built. With 900 HP and 1250 Nm it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds and reaches 280 km / h.

The name Rocket is used by Brabus to designate the sportiest and fastest models in the range and has been reserved for just a few limousines and coupes. Tuning the extremes, Brabus now uses the nickname Rocket for the most powerful Mercedes G-Class ever built.

The 4-liter AMG V8 engine has been substantially modified not only by increasing the boost pressure but also by increasing the displacement. Thus, the cylinder capacity was increased from 3982 cm3 to 4407 cm3 (the stroke was increased from 92 to 100 mm, while the bore was modified from 83 to 84 mm), which required the use of a new crankshaft, connecting rods and  pistons.
The boost pressure of the two turbochargers was increased to 1.4 bar.

Thus, the power increased by 315 HP, from 585 HP to 900 HP and the maximum torque from 850 to 1250 Nm. But the value of 1250 Nm is only theoretical because Brabus limited the maximum torque to 1050 Nm to protect the 9-speed automatic transmission.

Why were all these substantial and expensive changes made? To accelerate the super G-Class from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds compared to 4.5 seconds and to drive on the highway with 280 km/h instead of 220 km/h for the Mercedes-AMG G 63.

The engine features a new high-performance stainless steel exhaust system with actively controlled valves and integrated ROCKET Launch Ambience Light ensures proper acoustics and looks while further perfecting power delivery by reducing exhaust backpressure. As with the AMG version, the modified Brabus engine retains the baritonal tone that becomes more intense in “Sport” mode while in “Coming Home” mode the engine whispers slightly.

engine brabus Rocket 900

Brabus made full use of carbon fiber which is visible in many places such as the bonnet, front and rear spoilers, rear diffusor or wing flares. However, the weight could not be reduced, this being 2560 kg, identical to the Mercedes-AMG G 63 version. By flaring the wings, brabus Rocket 900 is 10 cm wider than the AMG version, with a width of 2084 mm. Therefore, we cannot speak of a record Cx in spite of the carbon fiber aileron with red wings mounted on the roof and the custom side flaps from the all carbon front spoiler.

The Brabus Rocket 900 is easily recognizable by the huge forged Brabus Monoblock Platimun Edition Z rims of no less than 24 inches with high-performance 295/30 ZR24 front tires and 355/25 ZR24 rear tires supplied by Continental, Yokohama or Pirelli, the twin sidepipes positioned in front of the rear wheels  framed by an exposed carbon trim with integrated ROCKET Launch Ambience Light, the hallmark radiator grille with integrated RAM-AIR intakes, ROCKET Startup Glow and an illuminated ROCKET logo as well as red signature stripes.

The adaptive air suspension has been specially modified for this model. Called the Brabus Ride Control, the aluminum suspension can be lowered by up to 45 mm for better aerodynamics on the highway at high speeds.

Inside, the main change is the abandonment of the rear bench in favor of two individual sports seats with numerous adjustment functions such as multi-contour adjustment, memory, heating and ventilation and a center console with controls for the multimedia system.

dashboard Brabus Rocket 900

The interior is handmade and is covered in black leather upholstery with its immaculate finish.
Two exterior colors are available: Signature Black and Stealth gray. The version painted in Stealth Gray features topstiching and all the controls finished in the vehicle color while the Signature Black version has topstiching with red yarns. All 216 cockpit elements from switches to speaker covers and air vents as well as all trim and handles feature the signature “ROCKET RED” glazing.
The sporty ambiance is completed by the carbon fiber elements and by the aluminum pedals and door lock pins.

By the end of 2022, Brabus will build 25 Brabus Rocket 900 units, 10 of which by the end of this year. The sale price is exorbitant, of 571,270.21 euros.