This Might Just Be the Best Sprinter in the World

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There are certain situations where an SUV or a pick-up just won’t do and you really need a full-sized van, just like a Mercedes Sprinter. And when you live in Iceland, you need a Sprinter just like this one

Let’s not beat around the bush: this Mercedes Sprinter is nothing short of a monster truck. It’s got 44 inch (or 46, according to other – more credible – sources) tires, a four wheel drive system (obviously) and very little in common with a regular Sprinter below the body.

The author of this conversion is called Páll Halldór Halldórsson (I would imagine he’s had to endure a lot of “Hodor” jokes lately), but people call him Rally Palli. He’s your regular Icelander born and raised so off-road driving comes as second nature for him.

In case you’re looking at this Mercedes Sprinter and think “I feel like I’ve seen something like this before”, your subconscious is probably thinking about a very famous red Toyota Hilux that took two equally famous all the way to the North Pole. Well, that one wasn’t Palli’s, but it was also modified in Iceland and followed the same basic recipe.

You can tell just by looking at it that this Mercedes Sprinter can go pretty much anywhere and it can do it while carrying a lot of people inside and a lot of luggage on its roof. Watching this car cross even the roughest terrains is a thing of beauty mainly because it’s such an unexpected sight.