The Arizona Dream of the Mercedes-Benz CLS

Mercedes-Benz CLS400
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Centuries of exposure to natural phenomena shaped the great red rocks of the Arizona desert. More than a century of designing iconic automobiles shaped the all-new CLS400. It is Nature and Mercedes-Benz creating genuine designs.

Quietly solitary, severely windy and eye-damaging red. That is the Arizona desert, the place where automotive photographer Royce Rumsey took the Mercedes-Benz CLS400. Just as quietly rolling, severely strong and eye-damaging good looking. The car that defied the sand dunes.


First picture on the road was taken right outside the sunny Phoenix, Arizona, as the CLS400 took in the sunrise light, before starting off towards the ice-cold lakes and sky-high mountains. The CLS is off to live the Arizona Dream.

The meticulous lines of the CLS are facing the erosion eating off the multicolored deserted rocks, each from a different geological era. The Benz, taking its time on top of cliffs, is catching the sun at the perfect angle. Its aggressively frowned front wastes the landscape of the Lake Pleasant’s pristine waters, covering 10,000 acres.


The travelers ignore the facilities of camping, fishing, picnicking, sailing and dining by the 116 miles of shoreline, as Sedona is waiting. The cathedral-like sandstone formations glow in brilliant orange as if they are on fire. Through the arid habitat, the CLS is received with wide open arms, as it flows on the road to Flagstaff.

The car is driven along the meandering tracks of Mount Elden, through 9,301 feet (2,835 m) elevations of steep rugged looks. Winter is still up there, catching up with the Benz that is aiming the summit. But as the road stops, the car has to stop.


After 145 miles (233 km), the journey of the Mercedes-Benz CLS ends at the sunset, on the outskirts of Flagstaff. The automotive photographer Royce Rumsey decides to call it a night, letting his road reliable partner gaze into the wilderness of the pine forest.

Photo source: #MBPhotoPass