The AMG Inner Force is defying the laws of physics – Sorry, Mr. Newton!

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Step inside the circle. Feel the inner force. Welcome into a new world. A world where gravity is nothing. This is the place where the sky is the limit. Welcome AMG World.

Not a circle, but a genuine racetrack, in fact. And an inner force developed by an almighty engine. This is the end of driving as you know it.

In a video that makes you forget to inhale and exhale, Mercedes-AMG is showing what the three-letter badged vehicles can do. The boundries are just a perspective. They are all in your head.

The AMG cars are defying the laws of physics, but still apologizing to Isaac Newton. “Sorry, Mr. Newton!” is one of the slogans that complement the “Inner Force” advertising campaign. “Goosebumps never lie”, it also claims and “Asphalt has feelings too”. Then it must have fallen in love with these blue-blooded cars.

The Mercedes-AMG GT S, the Mercedes-AMG GT3, the C 63 AMG and the E63 AMG are the beasts that rule the racetrack in the breathtaking video.