3G: GLA 45 AMG in Geneva

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A shiny white GLA 45 AMG starts on a journey to Geneva. A road trip all the way from Netherlands. The 20 inch rimmed wheels run towards the destination.

But it is already night, so the team of the three pointed star takes a rest in the middle of nowhere, at the Öschberghof Hotel in Donaueschingen. In the morning, they wake up to a grand white landscape. Lucky for them the white car sports black rims, otherwise, finding it in the eye-damaging radiant snow would have been quite a challenge.

GLA 45 AMG in Geneva 5

1000 kilometers later, the car and the passengers safely arrive in Geneva. They decide to head for Carouge, a municipality in the Canton of Geneva, first mentioned in the Early Middle Ages, about one thousand years ago. The Sardianian-rooted historical background dating way back is present in every building, every cobbled street, every antique dealers store.

GLA 45 AMG in Geneva 3

From Carouge, the car sets its destination to the center of Geneva, passing iconic sightseeing places like the United Nations Office located in the Palais des Nations and the Batiment des Forces-Motrices ancient plant converted nowadays into an impressive show hall. The Cathedrale Saint Pierre, built in the 8th century, also draws their attention. The GLA 45 AMG fits perfectly in this scape of history and contemporary.

GLA 45 AMG in Geneva 4

And they save the best for last. The Geneva Lake shines brightly in the half-spring weather, mirroring the high mountain tops make up for a perfect view. That’s just before getting back into the car to head back to Netherlands.