The 100 Million Challenge: Daimler in search of “100 Million Idea”

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The 100 Million Challenge: The search is on for ideas and business models targeted at the figure of 100 million. These can be, for example, clicks, new customers, sales, kilowatt-hours, autonomously driven passengers or freight containers. 

Whether with cars or commercial vehicles or in the field of mobility and financial services, there are no limits on the creative potential of employees. The competition was launched by Lab1886, the company’s own innovation lab with an incubator of the same name.

In company-wide competitions, Daimler AG is always on the lookout for new business ideas with big potential. In one of the first such competitions, all employees in Europe have until the end of November to submit their “big thing” on the “DigitalLife Crowd Ideas Platform”.

The competition combines the online submission, voting and evaluation of ideas as well as their funding. From the ideas that are voted the best, a panel of experts from DigitalLife, the driver of the digital transformation at Daimler, and Lab1886, Daimler’s innovation lab with its own incubator, will select the top 15 ideas. In January 2018 during a crowdfunding week, all employees will be able to fund those ideas using a framework centrally provided for that purpose. From February to March 2018, the three winning ideas will then receive intensive technical support from Lab1886 experts using professional start-up methods. After a positive assessment by a panel of experts, further work on the realisation of the idea can be carried out in the incubator for a period of up to twelve months.