That disco vibe – A Mercedes-Benz 220SE Jukebox for sale

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The Beatles, the Bee Gees, ABBA are all lined up on your shelves, with no chance whatsoever to play again in your home. Well, here is a way for them to… “Stay alive”. A retro phonograph has been squeezed under the hood of an iconic Mercedes-Benz 220SE and “Mamma Mia”, wouldn’t it look good in your living room?

The 45-rotations-per-minute phonograph was made by a British performance art goup by the name of Mutoid Waste Company (the name says it all, doesn’t it?) at its most glorious time, in the 1980s. The machinery was then encased in the front end of a mid-1960s Mercedes-Benz sedan. It consists of the headlights, the radiator grille, the chrome-plated decorations and part of the wings as well. A comment from a viewer of the post claims that the headlights flash and the engine compartment lights up in various colors when the music is on.

Mercedes-Benz 220SE Jukebox

The phonograph as shown in the photos ended up in Los Angeles, California, and it needs massive restoration and about 220-Volt electric power to play again.

We are not trying to sell it, but Bring A Trailer car auction website is. We’d actually try to buy it. The bid currently sits at $1,000 and would continue to go higher up to Friday, when the auction is set to close. So… “Let It Be”!

Photo source: TheDrive.