Test the base. Mercedes SL 400 facelift driven in 367 hp guise

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Mercedes SL 400 facelift is getting ready to enjoy the Summer season. Our colleagues from Auto motor und sport have already tested the two-seater luxury drop-top with 367 hp and they give you their first impressions.

Gradually the time is ripe for a new literary genre: the Mercedes SL pricelist. On page 43 Mercedes mentions the option code 246, or “analog dashboard watch”, for 261.80 euros. Such exquisite little things have always existed and they will probably always will. A much wiser investment seems to be the 1338.75 euros asked for the new SL 400 model in comparison to the predecessor. For these money the buyer receives now 367 hp (versus 333 hp) delivered by the upgraded V6 biturbo engine matted to the all-new nine-speed 9G-Tronic instead of the seven-speed automatic transmission of old.

Mercedes SL 400 with the revised V6 biturbo

Not enough power for a dream car classic? Wrong. After all, the three-liter engine delivers a maximum torque of 500 Nm (previously 480 Nm), which although present only from 2,000 / min onwards, pushes the 1.7 tons of the gorgeous two-seater with reasonable respect. The sound is also delicious: push the start button and the V6 erupts with a short barking, then crumbles into a barely noticeable idle and gradually subdues to a throaty rumble when accelerating – maybe a bit too offensive actually.

Mercedes-SL-400 (1)

Upgraded with the active roll-bar suspension, 19-inch wheels and sports mode for the direct steering, the SL 400 allows for pretty ballsy entry speeds through tight curves – up until the point the front wheels lose traction. The gearbox reacts promptly at switching commands via the steering column mounted paddles, superbly complementing the decided strong engine delivering brave performance. Yes, even the multi-adjustable, large-sized seats now offer enough lateral support – but despite all this joy, the SL remains a serious grand-tourer, ready to pamper its occupants under the bright sun of the East Coast.

Mercedes-SL-400 (9)

The SL 400 would much prefer to demonstrate that the tilting of the comfortable optional ABC suspension (raises the ride height by up to 2.65 degrees into the curve) keeps the occupants isolated from the vile g-forces coming back at them. The driver no longer has to be put under pressure in busy traffic either, because the hardtop can now disappear in the trunk up to 40 km / h – the load cover closes automatically. That and the new transmission which imperceptibly popped in aisle number nine in order to keep the rpms low. Everything so beautifully relaxed here. So do not order the analogue watch.

Source: Auto motor und sport