TEST DRIVE BRABUS 800: The S-Class with 800 hp put through its paces

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The Brabus 800 based on the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4Matic + is one of the newest conversions of the Bottrop tuning company and it all comes with a hefty price tag: 286,521 euros. 800 hp provide both an enormous propulsion and a true acoustic spectacle.

The city of Bottrop on the edge of the Ruhr area has changed in recent years into some sorts of adrenaline Mecca. Whether the Movie Park with its roller coasters and the Freefalltower or the longest indoor ski hall in the world at 640 meters – this is where speedjunkies get their money’s worth. But there is another adrenaline factory in Bottrop, where vehicles which leave the production lines can master the aforementioned 640 meters in under eight seconds. Its name is of course Brabus.

If surcharges do not matter
One of the most recent products of the famous tuning manufacturer is the Brabus 800 based on the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4Matic +. The already 218,774 euros expensive four-wheeler leaves little to be desired in the standard equipment. For Bottroper customers, however, the term “standard equipment” is to be equated with “off the peg” – and therefore taboo. The result is a complete expansion of the interior. Anyone who sees such a well-behaved new car for the first time will be reminded of TV reports on the subject of car mafia. It is all the better to see the completely redesigned interior with new seats, floor protectors and much more as a result. The door sills alone tear a hole of 2,630 euros into the cash register of the tuning avid customer, while that the small rear spoiler costs 2,499 euros, the exhaust system is 7,937 euros or the front spoiler including front attachments is estimated at just under 9,000 euros. The justification: “For this he looks hornier and sounds like a brute.”

188 hp more than the series model
The latter owes the customer not only the flap exhaust system, but of course the aggregate, which bubbles under the huge bonnet. There is talk of a 4.0-liter V8 gasoline engine, which already has 612 hp and 900 Nm ex works in Stuttgart. “Not enough,” says Bottrop. The solution stands for 25,930 euros and is a performance improvement. It consists of two special turbochargers with larger compressor unit (average 52 mm) and two modified hull groups with reinforced axial bearing. The power increase is supplemented by an in-house control unit for the engine electronics of the S 63. At the end of the expansion, the S-Class now carrying the name Brabus 800 has 800 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque. In addition for 1,737 euros a suspension adjustment is available, togetger with a reasonable wheelset for 11,353 euros.

Over five meters of pure power
The most important question, however, is: “How does such a two-ton luxury car drive with such a tremendous performance?” Fast. Very fast – but on request also extremely reserved and moderate. What reads confusing at first, it is not really. Because the 5.29 meters long Stuttgarter can be loud, but not too loud. Thanks to the flap exhaust control, the driver is able, within a few moments, to let the whole neighborhood know about his arrival, or leave them in the dark about it. The sedan can be driven quite defensively and conveniently through the city center or driven on the free highway at 300 km/h – its speed limit. A comfortable cruising speed is just under 200 km/h. A pace that also offers unexpected reserves. A courageous kick on the 303 euro expensive acceleration pedal and the speedometer needle starts to climb again. With brute sound the Brabus 800 gets in 3.1 seconds up to highway speeds and performs barely noticeable two gear changes within the nine-speed automatic transmission. Of course, the Bottroper also offer the right sports equipment in the form of a GT or Brabus 900 for these sporting requirements.

Friends of silent sports equipment in autodress will most likely get their money’s worth in the near future. Because Brabus is currently in the development of a new control unit for the electric smart. auto motor und sport was allowed to drive a few meters with the technology carrier and comes to the verdict: The wait is worth it!

The Brabus 800 based on the Mercedes-AMG S 63 4Matic + is one of the newest conversions of the Bottroper and stands ready for 286,521 euros. Which does not mean that this final price must actually be over. Because who wants to have it more individually, will get that too.

An S-Class with 800 hp makes the typical chauffeured sedan a self-propelled sports missile with stark longitudinal acceleration characteristics. The comfort paired with a brute soundscape is just fun –  expensive fun.

Source: auto-motor-und-sport.de