Test drive: 10 things you didn’t know about the smart Electric Drive

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SMART ELECTRIC DRIVE CABRIO DRIVING REPORT. What can it do and how far does it go? Now there is also the open smart with electric drive – 10 things that we noticed on the road with the E-Smart.

1. The 60 kW (81 hp) powerful electric engine is also used for the convertible. It accelerates the Smart instantly from standing, so the little electric car is always in front at the traffic lights.

2. You can ask yourself whether it is necessary for city traffic to drive the convertible, at high summer temperatures at midday, the opening in the city is not always pleasant. A roof option with closed middle section and sunken rear windows would be certainly more comfortable.

3. The electric convertible weighs 1.115 kg – this is not a small figure, however, 205 kg paying load for a two-seater with such a small trunk is in most cases more than sufficient.

4. With a basic price of 25,200 euros, the Smart is not a very cheap pleasure, even if the 4.000 Euro electro subsidy is deducted (Germany), the small convertible still costs more than 20,000 euros.

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5. Steering and brake lack natural feedback, the open smart gives a very synthetic feel, but after a few kilometers you get used to these characteristics.

6. The soft top can be operated at any speed, an advantage that the small car has on most other open-air cars.

7. Because of the heavy battery, the E-Smart suspension is somewhat more binding than its conventionally driven counterpart. Can be, but the difference is so small, that it is probably only in the direct driving comparison noticed. Let’s put it this way: Excessive suspension comfort is not the thing this electric vehicle does best.

8. The operation of the e-car is as easy as it was with the predecessor, simple selection lever of the one-speed gearbox on D and off we go.

9. That a Smart does not have the processing and material quality of an S-Class convertible is obvious. But many cockpit surfaces and controls in the open smart seem cheap.

10. The energy supply from the 17.6 kW battery is supposed to be enough for 160 km. Short practice experience: During the high-summer test drive with an open roof and blasting air conditioning through Geneva, the smart electric cabrio spread around two-thirds of its energy over a distance of 58 km.

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Source: Auto-motor-und-sport.de