Tell your Benz what you want – How the Voice-Control app works

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What is the weather like in Paris? Where can I ski today? Where can I find a vegan restaurant? Imagine a car having answers for all these questions, no matter the language they are asked in.

The new „Voice Control” for Mercedes-Benz Apps speaks various languages, predicts the weather for the selected location, navigates to various interest spots and even plays spontaneous music requests. Tango, Vivaldi, your local music, you name it, it’s got it!

Mercedes-Benz invited people totally unfamiliar to experience the new application. They got inside a Mercedes CLA fitted with that type of comands kit. They were surprised to see that the car could immediately find an answer to whatever question they might have asked, whether they did it in English, Italian, German or even… in a child’s voice.

„Just like home! The car is talking to me in my own language. That’s great!”, says an Italian man after checking the weather in Cagliari.

The voice-control application learns how the driver speaks and guarantees easy access to the Comand Online system. All you need to do is to press the voice activation button on the steering wheel of your Mercedes-Benz. The system is very responsive and intuitve, however, it is recommended that there is minimum of noice inside the cabin while using it. Enjoy!