Teenager with no driving license slams into home with his dad’s Benz

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How restless and reckless we can be when we are young! So was this teenager from North Carolina, who ended up with his parents’ Mercedes-Benz in a house in northern Raleigh. He is just 15 and had no driving license. Now he is never gonna get one! Ever!

The kid who hardly knew which pedal was which, sped up to 90 mph along a 30 mph road. He lost control of the car, crossed two yards, missed gigantic trees, hit three cars – a brand-new Ford Mustang among them –, did a 180 degree spin and slammed into a home on the left.

He was driving his dad’s solid Mercedes-Benz and luckily for him, he managed to walk away, safe and sound, before the police showed up at the crash scene. Nobody inside the house was injured, but the study now looks as if a hurricane hit it.

The owners of the house, a couple in their mid 30s, were at home, watching TV, around 10:40 p.m. Marie Otto says she thought something might have exploded around the house.


When she went into the hallway, completely disorientated, she eventually noticed that the back of a car was in her study and it was smoking. And the wall, well… she could just see through it into the yard!

It turns out that it is not the first time the Otto family has had a car in their home. “Since I’ve been here, we’ve experienced multiple cars coming through the yard. I would love anything that would make anyone slow down around the curve.”

Well, the only thing going slow there is the plan of the authorities. They have been working on making changes to slow down the speedy drivers in the curve for years. But there is no obvious effect on it yet. Nine separate speed barriers are set to be built on Currituck Drive by 2017. But before 2017, the family has to fix the wall and clean up the debris, hoping that unwelcome guests will stay away from their home.